Alloy Wheel Repair

Alloys are defined as mixtures of a metal and other elements and are often stronger than items made with a single pure metals. Alloy wheels are made from an alloy of aluminium or magnesium.  These are usually lighter in weight for the same strength than wheels made from steel (although not always) and also provide better heat conduction, which may improve braking performance. Lighter wheels can improve road handling and improve grip. They can also help improve fuel consumption by reducing the overall weight of the vehicle. Alloy wheels can corrode if not cared for, which can cause the tires to leak air. They can also be harder to repair than steel wheels but the higher price of alloy wheels makes them more economic to repair than steel wheels. It used to be that alloy wheels were only for luxury cars or an expensive addition to a lower range model. Now that manufacturing costs have dropped, alloy wheels are often fitted as standard.


Whether your alloy wheels were part of your purchase or you invested in purchasing a set for your car, you will probably want to keep them looking at their best, if at all possible. The problem is, accidents DO happen. High kerbs, corners where you didn’t expect them and potholes, especially after a cold and frosty winter, can all lead to cracks, kerbed wheels and a need to repair alloy wheels. At worst, you could end up with a bent wheel. And extensive kerbing may lead to corrosion and fractures. These can all cause road safety problems for you. A deep pothole may bend a wheel out of alignment. It could also render it irreparable. Some kind of less serious impact, could distort the rim and might cause a slow air leak and will mean you will need an alloy wheels repair service.

In Belfast, subject to inspection, you can get an alloy wheel repair done at NME Engineering. Phone 07813 201 502 and ask for Norman.